Thanks God! (at I 210)

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Photobomb! 😛

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This is my lounge attire for today…i plan on journaling and writing love and let go letters.  It’s an Emo Kind of week….

i got my entire outfit for $14.00 at the Goodwill on Hollywood Blvd.  i am not wearing shoes today….i “will” relax.  

Ahhh….i am super in love with this tree behind me, such a beauty. 

Special Thanks to My HairStylist for this Shoot   IG:   TiLdeByMatiLde

Love & Peace 

Amy loves u! Latest post.

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"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others". (Thanks @kimmy_brooke for the pic @tilde33 for the word). @amerzzbell #transformation

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Happy Valentines weekend from the crew at Soundmind Industries!

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Namm 2014! #namm (at The NAMM Show)

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Just some essentials guys should keep handy. #grooming #classics #pocketknife #swissarmywatch #80s

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Estate sale toolbox discoveries. #treasure #garagesale #thriftstore

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1970 all the way to now. Get ready!

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Cozy Friday 

I feel so cozy i could sleep all day….if only we could do this in Los Angeles.  Everyone i know feels so guilty to sleep around out here, because its all about hustle and work! Regardless I’m fighting for balance and rest this year.  

i am in love with my hair color so i have to share where i got it done! if your ever in town and need a blow dry, i highly recommend this spot! 

SB BOUTIQUE in Sherman Oaks, California 

i found this sweater at an independent boutique in the Sherman Oaks galleria called “Tabou”.  Everything in there is inexpensive and they have a small but amazing array of select pieces that i fell in love with. 

Anyways, sending love your way today! xoxo

I’m wearing…

Free People Jeans

American Apparel bodysuit

Amy’s latest!

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Forever 21

i take my breaks from shopping at Forever 21, because i tend to get overwhelmed with all the choices.  But when i make time to shop there,  i find the most amazing deals!  I found these overalls for under $40, and they fit amazing! i love that they look distressed and have plaid color lining.   

i only spent $7 dollars on my shirt.  Thrift store Lacoste little boys shirt. 

My A.S.98. Emerson boots are my new dream come true.  A lot more pricey, but i will wear these for the next few years. They fit great with colored socks.  Oh and yes, i stole this jacket and helmet from my photographer for this shoot! Thanks Joe Hill

A.S.98/ Emerson Boot

Forever Cool Coated Denim Overalls

Lacoste little boys Shirt 

Free People Socks 

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